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There are numerous aspects that light up your honeymoon and turn into something that is memorable for a lifetime. Since the event is something that you want to keep close to your heart, missing out on these aspects sounds like a huge mistake. At all costs, you need to make sure that things go as planned so that you and your loved one can have the best time. The place that you guys choose needs to be considered since a suitable resort is another criteria. So, to help you make the right decision, here are some tips for picking the right resort for your honeymoon.


The Budget

Budget plays a crucial role in making your honeymoon into an eventful one, as the money you spend decides the entire process. There are various resorts that come at a high price and offer the best of features. But being on a budget takes things in another direction since the process of evaluation comes through. You need to ensure that you are getting all that you are paying for since few resorts tend to go back on their word.

Customer Experience

Resorts might publish huge advertisements, claiming to be the best in the business. But you should never fall for such aspects; instead, you need to dig deep into research mode. Consulting one or two individuals who have been to the place is the right way to go about doing things. If you cannot find anyone, then you can also proceed by reading reviews published on the online platform. In the end, you need to be able to understand the legitimacy of the business.


As a couple, there are numerous activities that resorts offer, the moment they realise that you are on a honeymoon. These activities make things all the more special, and you will be glad about the same. So, before booking the place, you need to look into their options of stay: the room that they are offering and the kind of activities that they are proposing. If the place does not have such facilities, then you need to start looking for another place.



When you pick a resort, you also need to look into the surrounding places and understand what they have to offer. If everything falls into place, then you can make every moment count. For this purpose, there are numerous aspects that need to fill in the void of adventure. Performing some outdoor fun as a couple is something that will get stored in your memory forever. So, look around and find the perfect ingredients to make your honeymoon the best journey of your life. Hence, consider these points and have a blast.


Honeymoon destinations and ideas are things that tend to ponder your head since you want to come up with the perfect solution. The trip needs to be memorable and making mistakes is one thing that people want to avoid. Out of all your suggestions, going on a cruise might come out on top. There is something exciting and fun that comes from the process, and you need to get that straight in your head. Embracing one another, as you embark on a journey is the ideal honeymoon that needs to be captured. So, to help you plan it all, here are some cruise ideas for the journey of a lifetime.

All Across Iceland

A cruise journey across Iceland is the right way to start things for the better. Since Iceland is also one of the coolest places in the world, you will not be facing any regret in this regard. The type of cruise that you choose will talk about the price, and we hope you don’t put a price on love. Windstar Cruises 212 passenger Star Legend is one of the most classist cruises that will satisfy your wish to circumnavigate all across Iceland.

Sail to Tahiti


A visit to Tahiti is a must for all the romantic couples across the world. The destination has all the right ingredients that boost your honeymoon and make things last forever. So, what better way to witness the essence of Tahiti than sailing? To your delight, there are numerous cruises that sail across Tahiti, as couples consider it to be something that needs to be ticked off the bucket list. Once you come across the scenic beauty that comes from the pristine beaches, you will be glad that you came to Tahiti.

The Canadian Voyage

There are numerous scenic cruises that go to Canada and couples seem to be loving the idea. The place can be enjoyed throughout the year since most of the seasons can bring their own kind of uniqueness. This particular voyage goes through the right routes, and your eyes will be grazed by a lot of things. Apart from all that, the place also has a lot of cultural demonstrations that should not be missed at all costs.

Hawaiin Style


Hawaii is one name that pops up in all travellers list, as the place is relaxing and comforting. On top of all that, when you cruise to these destinations, you will be benefiting further, as your honeymoon turns out to be an event that might not get erased from your memory. By going on a cruise, you both are constantly travelling, as feelings of love hit like the cool breeze. Hence, pick one of these options and make the most out of your honeymoon.


Honeymoon is the very important and memorable part of the wedding life, it is most important to select a particular place where you can spend the most memorable part of your life very pleasantly and in the same way as you expect.

Italy offers a number of places where you can celebrate a memorable and calm honeymoon. These numerous places include Rome, Sicily, Tuscany and a lot more. Venice is one of these pretty places where you can live a perfect dream of your wedding life. Venice is the city that offers numerous enjoyable, calm and superb places to Duos to spend a memorable part of their life. Venice is situated in north Italy and is a collection of approx 117 small islands. Venice is also termed as “The Floating City”, “The City of Masks”, “The City of Canals” etc. The Venice is described as one of the Europe’s most Romantic Place. Here is an overview of the most romantic places of Venice, whose visit can surely give you a lot of heartfelt pleasure. These places are:

a)Basilica di San Marco – Pala d’Oro:
Basilica di San Marco – Pala d’Oro is a spiritual place to visit in Venice. It is a spiritual center for the republic. Here you can enjoy numerous paintings, art work, Christian sites, and a lot more. A visit of Basilica di San Marco – Pala d’Oro will give you the pleasantness of spirituality.

b)San Giorgio Maggiore Island:
San Giorgio Maggiore Island is the place to enjoy a walk on warm sand with a feel of humid air. San Giorgio Maggiore Island is a nice island where you can enjoy swimming, sports and a lot of water activities. You can easily get refreshment by a short time sun bath here.

c)Academy of Fine Arts (Galleria dell’Accademia):
Academy of Fine Arts is situated near the Ponte dell’Accademia at Canal Grand. Academy of Fine Arts is also termed as “Accademia”. Academy of Fine Arts, as the name indicates, is a collection of Fine Arts. Here you can enjoy the exhibitions of fine arts and paintings.

d)Colleoni Monument (Monumento di Colleoni):
The Monument of Colleoni is a statue made by Andrea Verocchil and is renewed with Bronze in 1496 by Alessandro Leopardi. This monument is one of the best centers of attraction for the tourists in Venice.

e)Grand Canal:
The Grand Canal is an S-curved canal which starts from north-west and ends at south-east of the Venice. The Grand Canal gives an overview of the wealth of Venice. The canal is 70 meters wide and 5 meters deep.

The Venice offers numerous places to the visitors and gives a pleasant and calm atmosphere to the tourists. Hence Venice can be considered as one of the best places of Italy where you can celebrate the memorable occasion of your wedding life.

Honeymooners’ wishing to spend some of their precious romantic moments in Tahiti Island will be spellbound by the islands marvelous museums, crystal clear beaches, serene villages, breathe taking landscape and adventurous tours. The island has more to offer especially to honeymoon travelers who would want to experience the exquisite beauty of Tahiti Island.

Tahiti is famous for its incredible beaches, but the island is home to some of the exquisite museums in the world. The Pearl Museum is a must to visit where you can grasp information about this marvelous gem through varied aspects. Gain knowledge of Pearl through art, history, philosophy, myths and how it affected religion and custom in Tahiti Island. Inside the museum one can find splendid pearl producing oysters and shell. In addition honeymoon travelers can be in awe of the exquisite collection by Robert Wan, the King of the Black Pearl. By visiting the Pearl Museum one can learn about the vital industry of pearls in French Polynesia. The trip will be very rewarding and will completely invigorate the mind and thoughts of the honeymoon traveler.

The island’s fantastic white sand beaches are between Punaauia and Papara. You have to visit these two marvelous places to experience the amazing beaches of Tahiti Island. Honeymoon travelers will have a splendid time by visiting the black sand beaches on the east coast, especially the famous Pointe Venus. Enjoy the stunning palm trees; breathe taking sunsets, and then view the stars come out in the deep blue sky. Take a profound breath, and smell the marvelous fragrances of the flowers and serene nature surrounding you.

If you want to indulge in something very frivolous along with your partner, a visit to the Tiki Theatre Village will completely enthrall the mood of the visitor. The authentic dance show held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday starts on a picturesque sunset beach. The exotic food is served in traditional earthen oven, which has the most renowned food of Western Europe. While relishing the authentic food, one can view the stunning dance show with some of the most traditional and exotic costumes that one could ever see.

Dining Option:
The Le Coco’s restaurant in Punaauia is the apt place to dine along with your beloved. The food served is very scrumptious and the location very serene.

Hotel Facility:
Intercontinental Resort in Tahiti is the perfect place to live along with your beloved. The hotel is in close proximity to the airport.

Airport Facility:
Tahiti Faa’a International Airport in French Polynesia is the ideal place to land with major international and domestic flights operating daily.

This is the best chance for honeymoon travelers to spend their honeymoon. Just go and enjoy.

Costa Rica Beach

Costa Rica is also known as the “Rich Coast” and is among the most preferred honeymoon destinations in the world. The land is filled with national parks, natural wonders, and vast wildlife. Honeymoon travelers will be able to watch incredible beaches and breathe taking forests.

Attractions by City

San Jose Attractions:

A lovely excursion along with your partner to the San Jose Pacuare River is a

Pacuare River – Whitewater Rafting

must for visitors. There will be Whitewater rafting class III and IV torrents on the renowned Pacuare River in Costa Rica. The splendid excursion will include the transportation to and from San Jose, Costa Rica to the Pacuare River. The tour will be worth travelling. If you and your beloved want to indulge in some vibrant nightlife, visit the Jazz Cafe located in San Pedro. The Cafe offers jazz, reggae, and drums. The music is really fascinating with comfortable seating. The place also features a wonderful bar to quench your thirst.

Province of Alajuela:

A visit to the Arenal Volcano National Park Eco Termales will completely unwind the visitor after the day of hiking. It is not crowded as other places. Some of the other places in this area have music and gratify to a much younger crowd, but Eco Termales is quite a soothing and peaceful place to be along with your beloved.

Province of Puntarenas:

Monteverde is the ideal place in the province of Puntarenas to spend some of your romantic moments. Horseback riding stable in the Sabine’s Smiling Horses will definitely lift the spirit of the visitor. Sabine can speak English, French, Spanish, German and offers exceptional horse riding treks. This spot is very preferred among the honeymoon travelers.

Province of Guanacaste:

Tamarindo is the ideal place in the province of Guanacaste to explore new activities. The Snorkeling off Tamarindo Island is mind boggling, as in Bahia Pirates and Playa Minos. Snorkeling in front of the Diria Hotel is pretty exciting as it is close to the rocks on the south end of the beach. Snorkeling with your loved one at this location will truly stimulate the thoughts and senses of the honeymoon traveler.

Accommodation Facility:

Though Costa Rica has many options for excellent lodging but Hotel El Jardin del Eden in the province of Guanacaste will be the apt place to lodge along with your beloved.

Airport Facility:

San Jose International Airport will be the ideal place to land in Costa Rica. Major international and domestic flights operate daily from the airport. Don’t waste your time in planning your next honeymoon trip to Costa Rica.

One of Canada’s greatest kept top secret, Toronto is on parity with New York City. The ideal place to start is at the crest, and in this city, the landmark CN tower which is the tallest structure in the world will certainly invigorate the mind of the visitor. The tourists can take the elevator and could explore the stunning view of the city and its dazzling surrounding areas. Next to the Sky Dome one can view the splendid Blue Jays game or check the Royal Ontario Museum. Honeymoon travelers will never have a dull moment in this gorgeous city.

Attractions in Toronto

1. A trip to the Casa Loma – Toronto’s Majestic Castle will really captivate the mind of the visitor. With its towering battlements, clandestine passageways and underground tunnel, Casa Loma pays honor to the castles and knights of the past. One can explore the historic manor of Sir Henry Pellatt, who was a renowned Toronto financier, industrialist and army man.

2. Excursion to Fort York which remains open all the year round for everyone’s merriment. The fort offers an outstanding history seminar of Toronto the former town of York. It is the site of the Battle of York between the United States and Britain, as well as Canada’s biggest collection of original war of 1812 buildings.

3. Want to explore the vibrant night life, and then a visit to the Toronto Entertainment District will really mesmerize the mood of the honeymoon traveler. It is surrounded by John St. on the east, Spadina on the west, Queen on the north and king on the south. The place has fabulous restaurants, breathe taking locales and offers pulsating music be it jazz, techno or R ‘N B.

4. If you wan to indulge in some vigorous outdoor activity, then a visit to the Toronto Outdoor Rinks will really be a worth of a trip. Go for a roll or a twist. Get back up to pace or just nonchalantly go for some nice circles around the rink. The Harbourfront Natrel Rink and the outdoor rink at Nathan Philips Square are both open for public skating.

Lodging Options
Sandman Signature Hotel Toronto Airport will be the ideal place for lodging as the hotel is in close proximity to the airport. Next option could be Gladstone Hotel which has comfortable and cozy rooms especially designed for honeymoon travelers.

Airport Facility
Toronto International Airport is the apt place to land in Toronto where major international and domestic flights operate daily.

So, pack your bag and plan your next romantic trip to this marvelous city.

Honeymoon travelers will find ample amazing islands, country side shifts, mountains, gorges, to breathe taking valleys and miles of magnificent coastline. At the same time one can view the historical ruins to ancient civilizations and myriad churches.

Visit the Historic Sites in Greece, Athens
Athens has become one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in the world. Right from the Acropolis to the Parliament Building at Syntagma Square, the renowned museums like the National Archaeological Museum and the Benaki Museum are more than valuable of a visit. One can stroll through the Kallimarmaron Stadium to analyze where the historic Panathenaic Games were held.

Greek Splendid Islands:
The fabulous beaches of Greece are at the top of many honeymoon travelers. Visitors will be able to find ample isolated and bustling beaches on both the mainland and the islands. Islands like the Crete, Santorini, Mykonos and the gorgeous beaches on these islands will be the apt places to spend your romantic moments.

Participation in Hellenic Festival:
The Hellenic festival during summer is among the most significant events in Greece. The Hellenic festival celebrates the performance and arts at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus Theatre, where splendid musical and dance performances by the artists will completely enthrall the mood of the visitor. One more admired music concert is held at the Lykavittos Hill and stage performances at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and the Little Theatre of Epidaurus. Both these places are a must to visit.

Tour to Olympia:
The ruins of Olympia are one of the most popular destinations in Greece. From Athens to the city of Pyrgos, honeymoon travelers can arrange the guided tour to these historic ruins to get the optimum leisure. Olympia is the ancient location where the first Olympic Games were held, one can find the leftovers of an ancient stadium and sprinting track, as well as the remains of the Temple of Zeus. The excursion will be very enthralling.

Visit the Towering Rocks and Monastries of Meteora:
The landscape is marvelous. The rocks of Meteora are an amalgamation of natural rocks at the edge of the Pindus Mountains that rise to form the pinnacles in the sky. The view is really amazing and stunning and will definitely invigorate the mind of the visitor.

Sofitel Athens Hotel is the ideal place to live along with your beloved as the hotel is very close to the international airport.

Athens International Airport is the apt place to land in Greece. Major international and domestic flights operate daily from this airport.

So, have fun and enjoy your stay in Greece.