Beach Honeymoon Ideas


Honeymooners’ wishing to spend some of their precious romantic moments in Tahiti Island will be spellbound by the islands marvelous museums, crystal clear beaches, serene villages, breathe taking landscape and adventurous tours. The island has more to offer especially to honeymoon travelers who would want to experience the exquisite beauty of Tahiti Island.

Tahiti is famous for its incredible beaches, but the island is home to some of the exquisite museums in the world. The Pearl Museum is a must to visit where you can grasp information about this marvelous gem through varied aspects. Gain knowledge of Pearl through art, history, philosophy, myths and how it affected religion and custom in Tahiti Island. Inside the museum one can find splendid pearl producing oysters and shell. In addition honeymoon travelers can be in awe of the exquisite collection by Robert Wan, the King of the Black Pearl. By visiting the Pearl Museum one can learn about the vital industry of pearls in French Polynesia. The trip will be very rewarding and will completely invigorate the mind and thoughts of the honeymoon traveler.

The island’s fantastic white sand beaches are between Punaauia and Papara. You have to visit these two marvelous places to experience the amazing beaches of Tahiti Island. Honeymoon travelers will have a splendid time by visiting the black sand beaches on the east coast, especially the famous Pointe Venus. Enjoy the stunning palm trees; breathe taking sunsets, and then view the stars come out in the deep blue sky. Take a profound breath, and smell the marvelous fragrances of the flowers and serene nature surrounding you.

If you want to indulge in something very frivolous along with your partner, a visit to the Tiki Theatre Village will completely enthrall the mood of the visitor. The authentic dance show held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday starts on a picturesque sunset beach. The exotic food is served in traditional earthen oven, which has the most renowned food of Western Europe. While relishing the authentic food, one can view the stunning dance show with some of the most traditional and exotic costumes that one could ever see.

Dining Option:
The Le Coco’s restaurant in Punaauia is the apt place to dine along with your beloved. The food served is very scrumptious and the location very serene.

Hotel Facility:
Intercontinental Resort in Tahiti is the perfect place to live along with your beloved. The hotel is in close proximity to the airport.

Airport Facility:
Tahiti Faa’a International Airport in French Polynesia is the ideal place to land with major international and domestic flights operating daily.

This is the best chance for honeymoon travelers to spend their honeymoon. Just go and enjoy.