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Honeymoon In Greece – A Majestic Experience

Honeymoon travelers will find ample amazing islands, country side shifts, mountains, gorges, to breathe taking valleys and miles of magnificent coastline. At the same time one can view the historical ruins to ancient civilizations and myriad churches.

Visit the Historic Sites in Greece, Athens
Athens has become one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in the world. Right from the Acropolis to the Parliament Building at Syntagma Square, the renowned museums like the National Archaeological Museum and the Benaki Museum are more than valuable of a visit. One can stroll through the Kallimarmaron Stadium to analyze where the historic Panathenaic Games were held.

Greek Splendid Islands:
The fabulous beaches of Greece are at the top of many honeymoon travelers. Visitors will be able to find ample isolated and bustling beaches on both the mainland and the islands. Islands like the Crete, Santorini, Mykonos and the gorgeous beaches on these islands will be the apt places to spend your romantic moments.

Participation in Hellenic Festival:
The Hellenic festival during summer is among the most significant events in Greece. The Hellenic festival celebrates the performance and arts at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus Theatre, where splendid musical and dance performances by the artists will completely enthrall the mood of the visitor. One more admired music concert is held at the Lykavittos Hill and stage performances at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and the Little Theatre of Epidaurus. Both these places are a must to visit.

Tour to Olympia:
The ruins of Olympia are one of the most popular destinations in Greece. From Athens to the city of Pyrgos, honeymoon travelers can arrange the guided tour to these historic ruins to get the optimum leisure. Olympia is the ancient location where the first Olympic Games were held, one can find the leftovers of an ancient stadium and sprinting track, as well as the remains of the Temple of Zeus. The excursion will be very enthralling.

Visit the Towering Rocks and Monastries of Meteora:
The landscape is marvelous. The rocks of Meteora are an amalgamation of natural rocks at the edge of the Pindus Mountains that rise to form the pinnacles in the sky. The view is really amazing and stunning and will definitely invigorate the mind of the visitor.

Sofitel Athens Hotel is the ideal place to live along with your beloved as the hotel is very close to the international airport.

Athens International Airport is the apt place to land in Greece. Major international and domestic flights operate daily from this airport.

So, have fun and enjoy your stay in Greece.

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